Apollo Bay Surf Life Saving Club has outgrown its clubhouse and is urgently lobbying for $7 million for a full redevelopment.

Our ability to serve the education and safety needs of our growing club, local community and tourist market is being severely impacted by the existing facility.

Built in the 1980s the facility was designed for a small, mostly male membership of around 200 servicing the local community and modest tourist market. Today, with more than 640 members, of whom more that half are female, and an annual tourism trade of more than 5.1 milllion.

In February 2019 the Club formulated a concept document and began an awareness and media campaign focused on highlighting the urgent need for the redevelopment.

The initial focus of the campaign was the then upcoming Federal election and gaining support from both major political parties.

The campaign has now been broadened to include all potential Federal, State and Local Government funding avenues.

Simultaneously, the Club is actively involved in consulting with all foreshore land stakeholders regarding the planning and development process.

The Club has secured a commitment from the re-elected Morrison Federal Government to contribute $1 million towards the cost of the rebuild.

This commitment was pledged by former Liberal Member for Corangamite Sarah Henderson who stated: “a re-elected Morrison Federal Government will commit $1 million towards the redevelopment”.

It was matched by the Labor’s Libby Coker MP who utlimately replaced MS Henderson as Member for Corangamite at the May 18, 2019, Federal Election.

The Club is now in discussion with both the Federal Government and Ms Coker regarding the urgent delivery of this funding.

We are also involved in negotiations with both Life Saving Victoria and the State Government regarding the additional funding required to realise the redevelopment.

Consultation with the all foreshore land holder interests has also begun with the view to achieving a redevelopment that is both sympathetic to coastal environment and one that is capable of fulfilling its essential and vital public safety and education roles.


To view all the letters of support and Re-development Documents, click here https://drive.google.com/open?id=1HiqBuf3w_f8E1PAWVLJiX6uKZ3kkUN8A


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